Flash Fiction: Bird of a Circle

“I am sorry. I am sorry! Sorry to all of you, sorry to my brothers and sisters!”

“What for?”

“For leaving our circle.”

“What circle?”

(Pause) “Well… this one. Our flock. Our family. Our… Ways.”

“Well I didn’t realize we had a circle. So I suppose you have no reason to be sorry.”

“But I do. I do! I strayed, I lost my way. And now I fear I’ve led the wolves to your door.”

“Stop. You are home.”


“Stop. Do you take all this – all of us – for a vicious circle?”


“Stop. You are a bird, yes?”

“Of course.”

“And us birds, we are always free to follow whichever wind we choose, yes?”

“I suppose.”

“Than it’s settled.”

“What’s settled? You’re confusing me!”

“It’s clear you are a bird of our circle. For your wings have led you home.”

– Chris Kreuter